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1921, Alfa Fereno was founded in Switzerland, it worked for many prestigious Swiss Companies for timepieces products, especially pouch watch and wrist watch.

1928, Alfa Fereno established the first watch manufacturing factory on Bern where the heart location of the watchmaking region of Switzerland.
Achieving the ambition of creating its very own collection, it started producing pouch watch and wrist watch under the brand of Alfa Fereno.
It was awarded with excellent reputation of Swiss qulaity.

1928-1948, Alfa Fereno set up retail shops on Zurich, Olten and Winterthur, delivering its products to the market, making the brand Alfa Fereno was well-known among the customers.

We’re pound to have continued that tradition for nearly a century, and are sure you’ll recognize our heritage in each of the quality timepieces offered here.

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